A Brief History of the True Few MC

The history of the True Few MC begins some years back and reads like the history of other traditional motorcycle clubs. The original members consisted of men who came from various riding clubs, owners associations and different walks and rides of life. We formed a club and started trying to define our purpose and ourselves.

As the club grew so did the different personalities and opinions of what direction the club should take. There were those of us who wanted a traditional motorcycle club, those who wanted an Internet riding club and some that wanted something else. Different directions that could not exist in the same club.

So came the inevitable split. Realizing that there were only a Few of us who were putting forth the constant work and effort necessary to earn the respect of our local sanctioning MC, and the respect from our local motorcycle community, we walked away. We recognized the Truth and walked away from a club that had become something we could no longer believe in or support.

Once again we Few were prospecting ourselves and in the process learned valuable lessons in honor, humility and, more importantly, our Brotherhood. The experience strengthened our resolve and solidified our commitment to the Truth and each other. Eventually we formed the True Few Motorcycle Club.

We are sanctioned in Texas and will strive to keep it. We are committed to our local motorcycle community and will provide what support and leadership we can. We take nothing for granted. We work to earn and keep any respect that is afforded us and will respect those who have earned ours. We watch our Brother's back.

The True Few

Honor / Courage / Loyalty / Selflessness